Vegan Cooking Classes (for Adults!)

Vegan Cooking Classes (for Adults!)

from 30.00

Adults also get to have fun in the kitchen with Alexis from Stump Kitchen!

  • All recipes are vegan and gluten free, and free of many common allergens!
  • I come to YOUR house and work in YOUR kitchen on YOUR schedule, and YOU bring the ingredients! (Note: I can bring certain items on request, as needed)
  • Choose from a range of prices, and if finances are a barrier, I want to find a solution that feels good for both of us!
  • One-on-one or with your partner(s)!
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We will work together to find a fun and easy dish to make! This can be anything from dinner mains, breakfast favourites, something sweet, or an awesome vegan and gluten free hors d'oeuvres! Examples include, Mushroom Risotto, Fancy Mac + Cheese, Breakfast Quiche, Rainbow Maki (Sushi), and so much more!

Stump Kitchen has full liability coverage for all classes. Payment can be made online through the Stump Kitchen store, or through e-transfer or Paypal (