Vegan Cooking Classes for Kids! (4 sessions; 1-2 kids/session)

Vegan Cooking Classes for Kids! (4 sessions; 1-2 kids/session)

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Have fun in the kitchen with Alexis from Stump Kitchen!

  • All recipes are vegan and gluten free, and free of many common allergens!
  • I come to YOUR house and work in YOUR kitchen on YOUR schedule, and YOU bring the ingredients! (Note: I can bring certain items on request, as needed)
  • Choose from a range of prices, and if finances are a barrier, I want to find a solution that feels good for both of us!
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You get to choose what we make together! Choose from recipes including Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mac & Cheese, Rainbow Salad Rolls, Chocolate Avocado Pudding, French Toast, Chocolate or vanilla Donuts, Waffles and Whipped Cream, Avocado & Cucumber Maki, Hummus, Soft Tacos, and SO MUCH MORE!!! 

Stump Kitchen has full liability coverage for all classes. Payment can be made online through the Stump Kitchen store, or through e-transfer or Paypal (

* 2 children maximum; Minimum age: 4; If your children are younger than 4 or you have more than 2 children that would like to participate, for insurance purposes I require a parent or other adult to help me with supervision during the cooking class.