Breakfast Sandwiches!

I am a big fan of starting my day with a breakfast of champions. And recently I found the perfect recipe to satisfy all of my cravings in the morning, and fill my tum up to the brim with warm, crispy, savoury, delicious vegan-y gluten-free goodness. 

How, you ask??? BREAKFAST SANDWICHES! Yum. (Seriously, I could eat these for every meal of the day!)

This Breakfast Sandwich recipe is inspired by the fine folks at Hot For Food, a rad vegan YouTube cooking channel and blog. Check them out for some super nifty & tasty vegan recipe ideas. 

Hot For Food uses soy, but I substituted the soy with chickpeas because a lot of people aren’t able to eat soy (due to allergies etc). I was amazed at how well the chickpeas worked! What a dream legume… seriously. 

This is a pretty simple recipe (outlined below) but here are a few tips to help make your Breakfast Sandwich making experience even more amazing:

·      Use any kind of blender you like – hand blender food processor, stand up blender

·      You want the mixture to be about the texture of pudding, or ‘runny hummus.’

·      Fry up veggies (onions and mushrooms) along side the breakfast sandwich patties so they are ready at the same time!

·      Kala Namak (Indian Black Salt) is an amazing addition that will add an uncanny egg flavor – I highly recommend looking into this incredible spice.

·      You can keep the left over ‘batter’ in a sealed container in the fridge for at least 3 or 4 days!

You will need:

·      1 cup chick peas (from a can)

·      1/3 C non-dairy milk (I used unsweetened coconut milk)

·      2 tbsp nutritional yeast

·      2 tbsp tapioca flour or corn starch

·      1/4 tsp turmeric

·      1/2 tsp garlic

·      sea salt & ground pepper to taste (make sure you open the correct side of the salt haha!)

What to do:

·      Blend everything together until smooth

·      Spoon (or Stump) about ¼ cup onto an oiled, heated pan (medium heat). Flatten them out into pancakes. When the edges start to darken flip them over. Wait until they feel nice and sturdy otherwise they can break. They take about 6 minutes to cook in total.

·      Fry up some onions and mushrooms while the egg patties cook.

·      Top your toast with vegan mayo, tomato, and Kala Namak!

·      Stuff it in your face.



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