Kid's Cooking Class: Vegan Mac + Cheese!

I got to make ooey gooey cheesy and delicious VEGAN Mac & Cheese with 3 awesome kiddos last week! We got up close and personal with our ingredients, including our garlic, nutritional yeast, and almond milk! 


Getting to know our ingredients!

We talked about the difference between garlic and other vegetables, while holding it and feeling it's bumps and furry bottom! We got right into peeling the garlic with our limbs, and of COURSE took lots of smells of the beautiful aromatic veg!


Peeling Garlic

We learned how to handle garlic, and how to roast it in the oven to make it soft and gooey for our cheese sauce. We played with and tasted nutritional yeast - it sure does look like funny yellow fish food... but in a cheese sauce it tastes amazing! The kiddos did a great job with measuring out all of the ingredients for the sauce, including estimating how many pasta noodles we'd need to boil for all of us! (They nailed it by the way). And of course we sang the Blend it Up song when it was time to mix all of our sauce ingredients up!

The final part of our Mac & Cheese class involved adding the sauce to the noodles. The kids were great helpers with getting the sauce into the pan, and we had a blast making 'Blob' sound effects as the sauce 'blobbed' onto the noodles! Sound effects + Cooking = so much fun!

The recipe we used in this class is from the amazing Minimalist Baker.
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