Kids' Cooking Class: SUSHI!

Who knew that making vegan sushi could be so easy and fun? Well, I sure did, so I was pumped when these two kiddos wanted to give it a whirl with me! 


Eating Nori!

Is this what mermaids eat?

First thing's first - we started the class right by eating a few sheets of Nori (the seaweed you wrap sushi up in) to give us some fun flavours in our mouths and energy to make the sushi!

Look at us crunching our seaweed!

First we got our sushi rice cooking on the stove, and then we got to cut and shred our veggies for the insides. We cut up avocado, cucumber, grated carrots, and even cut up a few mushrooms and a yellow pepper!

Getting the sushi rice onto the Nori is always the fun part because it's so sticky!!!


We even got to use real Japanese knives to cut our sushi - only with careful guidance and supervision of course! These two sure do love a good sharp knife!


Look at our beautiful finished product! 

We used a recipe for the sushi force from Minimalist Baker, you can find it here

If you'd like to sign up for a Stump Kitchen Cooking class, visit my Class Page here!

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