Stump Kitchen's first Kids Cooking Class!

I'm going to make you a promise: I promise to write blog posts. Notice how I didn't say 'weekly' blog posts or 'regular' blog posts? That's just not how I roll. I gotta be honest with myself and not over promise because that's not fun for anyone. SO! I will write blog posts, about everything and anything, and post them whenever I do, for you to enjoy! 

Also, I am not a big reader anymore - when my depression was really bad last year I had extreme difficulty reading and retaining any information from what I had managed to read, and I still haven't gotten my reading chops back up to snuff. I do like to read short things, bullet point things, or snippy articles full of punch. I can't always promise punch, but I definitely won't be writing any super long essays on here! Hopefully you can read one of my blog posts in the time it takes to have a nice long poop.

Now to the point of this blog post: Today I got to work with Harleigh and Ellis, my friend Tim's children, in the first official Stump Kitchen Cooking Class for kiddos! Summed up? IT WAS A BLAST!


Learning about the ingredients

Harleigh and Ellis we so kind and welcoming - we were fast friends. They were bright eyed and bushy-tailed, dove into the ingredients without fear, and laughed through all of our spills! It was really exciting how open these two were to such a new recipe.


We made Rainbow Rolls using a recipe inspired by Minimalist Baker. Haleigh and Ellis learned about all the veggies we were using, smelling their beautiful smells (think lime zest, fresh mint, grated ginger) and tasting their beautiful tastes! Ellis LOVES avocado - I'm surprised we had any left for the rolling!


Rolling time!


We had a blast - I can't wait to cook with these two again! The three of us decided that next time we are going to make vegan Mac & Cheese from scratch - wowza, I can't wait! 


Veggie rainbow fun!


Three happy chefs!

Thanks for stopping by folks :) For more Stumptastic Cooking fun be sure to check out Stump Kitchen's YouTube Channel at! 

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