Meeting Elizabeth at the Edmonton Women's Show

I've had a blast doing live cooking demos at the Edmonton Women's Show this year. Last Sunday I was there for my second time, and I was making Rainbow veggie wraps in Collard greens with a peanut ginger dipping sauce. YUM. Yes, the food was fun to make, the audience was lovely, and the organizers were incredible. BUT DO YOU WANNA KNOW THE BEST PART????? I got to meet Elizabeth :)


Laurie is the proud momma of Elizabeth, a sweet bundle or joy who also has a limb difference! The two of them and a friend drove up from out of town to see my demo, and when I saw them in the audience I felt like they were the only ones in the room!


Elizabeth had some squirms during the show (sitting still for 30 minutes is hard!) so I got to reach down and give her a piece of avocado - she loved it! And I got to be my goofy self and it made her smile :)


We had lots of fun playing with our lucky fins - I got hers mostly in my face, hee hee!


Elizabeth noticed my arm right away, and was really curious about it! She grabbed it and chewed it and played with it, all the while looking at me, then back at my arm, and back at me - it was an incredible moment of realization for both of us!


Elizabeth even gave me a 'high one!'


This baby is seriously the smiliest baby I've ever met! And one of the most playful (see below, ha!)


My beautiful mother came to support me and watch the show, so of course I brought her back stage to hang out with Laurie and Elizabeth and I. For my mom, meeting Elizabeth was bringing back all of the memories from when I was little! I can definitely say that this was one of the highlights of my life :) I am SO proud to do what I do, and I am thrilled that my work has allowed me to connect with incredible families all over the continent (and world!) virtually and in person - and even more since I became the first Canadian Lucky Fin Project Ambassador :)


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